Standing Ovation Little Bluestem Grass

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Standing Ovation Little Bluestem Grass

Standing Ovation Little Bluestem Grass

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Schizachyrium scoparium 'Standing Ovation' is a captivating selection of Little Bluestem grass that adds elegance and visual interest to any landscape. This perennial grass forms dense clumps of narrow, upright blades with a blue-green hue in spring that matures to lovely silvery-green in summer. As autumn arrives, the foliage transforms into a stunning display of fiery reds and oranges, providing a striking contrast against the seasonal landscape.

What is the average size of a ?

2-3 feet in height and 1-1.5 feet in width

Planting a

When preparing to plant, it is important to loosen the soil to a depth of 12 inches. Remove any weeds, rocks, or debris from the planting area. If the soil lacks nutrients, consider adding organic matter like compost to enhance its structure and fertility. For optimal growth, plant little bluestem 'Standing Ovation' during spring or early fall when temperatures are moderate and rainfall is plentiful. Dig a hole slightly larger than the plant's root ball and place the plant, ensuring the top of the root ball is level with the surrounding soil. Then, fill the hole with soil and gently firm it to avoid air pockets. After planting, thoroughly water the plant to help settle the soil. Space little bluestem 'Standing Ovation' plants 18 to 24 inches apart to allow for gradual spreading over time. For the first few weeks, regularly water newly planted little bluestem to keep the soil consistently moist. Once established, this plant is drought-tolerant and only requires


Additional information

LATIN NAME Schizachyrium scoparium
COMMON NAME Standing Ovation
HXW@10 YEARS 2-3 feet in height and 1-1.5 feet in width
COLOR Blue-green
FORM Upright

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