Grandiflorum Rhododendron

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Grandiflorum Rhododendron

Grandiflorum Rhododendron

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Discover the captivating Rhododendron Grandiflorum, a magnificent addition to any garden. Its stunning flowers and lush foliage are sure to enchant both gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

What is the average size of a ?

This product has a height ranging from 4 to 8 feet and an impressive spread of 4 to 10 feet.

Planting a

Prepare a hole with double the width, but the same depth, as the root ball. Loosen the soil in the hole and mix in some organic matter, such as compost or aged manure, to improve the soil's structure and fertility. When placing the Rhododendron Grandiflorum in the hole, make sure the top of the root ball is even with the surrounding soil surface. Carefully remove the plant from its container, avoiding disturbing the roots too much. If the roots are tangled, gently separate them before planting to encourage outward growth. Center the plant in the hole and fill with soil, packing it gently around the roots. Water thoroughly to settle the soil. Use mulch around the base to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and maintain a cool root environment. Materials such as pine bark, wood chips, or shredded leaves are recommended. Water regularly, especially during dry periods, ensuring the soil is consistently moist but not waterlogged. It is best to avoid overhead watering,

Additional information

LATIN NAME Rhododendron
COMMON NAME Grandiflorum
SUN EXPOSURE Partial-full shade
HXW@10 YEARS 4-8 feet in height and a spread of 4-10 feet
COLOR White,pink
FORM Rounded

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