Burgundy Lace Japanese Maple

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Burgundy Lace Japanese Maple

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The foliage of the Burgundy Lace Japanese Maple is truly breathtaking. Its deeply dissected leaves start off a vibrant shade of burgundy-red in spring, intensify to a rich maroon during summer, and then transform into a fiery red or orange in the fall. The delicate leaves create a lacy effect, bringing an elegant and sophisticated element to any landscape.

Average Size

The mature Burgundy Lace Japanese Maple can typically reach heights of 8-10 feet, but under ideal conditions may grow up to 15 feet.


When selecting a location for planting, opt for partial shade to full sun conditions. While Japanese maples can endure full sun in cooler regions, they generally prefer some shelter from intense afternoon sun in hotter climates. The soil should be well-draining and rich in organic matter. Japanese maples thrive in slightly acidic to neutral soil that retains moisture. Allow enough space for the tree to grow to its mature size without overcrowding, typically around 6 to 8 feet for Burgundy Lace Japanese Maples. Additionally, make sure to dig a planting hole that is as deep as the root ball and two to three times as wide. Gently loosen the soil around the edges of the hole to promote root growth. Apply a layer of mulch around the base of the tree, avoiding contact with the trunk. This will help retain moisture, prevent weed growth, and insulate the soil. Maintain consistent moisture in the soil, especially during the tree's establishment phase. Proper pruning is usually unnecessary for Burgundy Lace

Additional information

LATIN NAME Acer palmatum 'Burgundy Lace'
COMMON NAME Burgundy Lace Japanese Maple
SUN EXPOSURE Full sun - Part shade
HXW@10 YEARS 8-10 ft tall, 6-8 ft wide
COLOR Red-Orange
FORM Pendulous

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