Saskatoon Serviceberry

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Saskatoon Serviceberry

Saskatoon Serviceberry

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It's a perennial shrub with deciduous leaves that are arranged alternately. The leaves are simple, with shapes ranging from cordate to elliptic and ovate, featuring pinnate venation and either entire or serrate margins. Its inflorescence occurs in racemes, and the fruit is a pome, typically blue or purplish. This shrub can reach heights of four to fifteen feet with a spread of six to eight feet. In summer, the leaves are green, turning yellow to reddish in the fall, offering striking autumn foliage.

What is the average size of a Saskatoon Serviceberry?

Reaches heights of 4-15 feet,  and a spread of 6-8 feet wide.


Choose a site with well-drained soil, as Saskatoon bushes tolerate various soil types. While clay soil with moderate moisture is acceptable, ensure it's not waterlogged. Optimal fruit production occurs in full sun, though they still perform adequately in partially shaded home gardens, albeit with a reduced harvest compared to full-sun areas. To mitigate late spring frosts, favor sloped locations where cold air can dissipate. Avoid south-facing spots in colder regions, as they warm prematurely in early spring, increasing the risk of frost damage during flowering.

Additional information

LATIN NAME Amelanchier alnifolia
COMMON NAME Saskatoon Serviceberry
SUN EXPOSURE Full sun to part shade.
ANNUAL GROWTH 1 foot per year
HXW@10 YEARS  6 feet
COLOR Red, orange, bronze, and yellow.
FORM Rounded

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